Minor Bay Lodge dining

Your dining experience at Minor Bay Lodge can be described in one word – FUN.  The lodge dining room, overlooking Minor Bay, exudes a friendly and warm ambiance where guests relax and enjoy their meals in casual comfort.

The dining room can accommodate up to 30 guests. However, with the lodge only hosting a maximum of only 20 guests per trip, the dining room is never overcrowded. Although there is often friendly banter between tables, good table separation allows groups to enjoy private conversations among themselves.

Breakfast and dinner are served in the lodge’s guest dining room.  The mid-day meal is usually a shore lunch of fresh-caught fish with all the trimmings – expertly prepared by your guide out on the lake.  Many of our shore lunch locations offer spectacular vistas of Wollaston Lake.


Shorelunch is a big part of the Minor Bay dining experienceThe first night’s evening meal at the lodge is a traditional shore lunch – Minor Bay style.  Guests stay out fishing a little longer on the first day and upon arriving back at the lodge the guides prepare the day’s catch of fresh fish prepared several different ways and cooked over a large wood-burning cauldron.  French fries, baked beans, niblet corn and coleslaw are the normal accompaniments.




Minor Bay dining - the first night shore dinner served in the lounge


Meal selections are varied each day so our guests will enjoy a variety of meals during their stay with us at Minor Bay Lodge.






Minor Bay dining - a fresh fruit platter served each breakfast



Each morning guests are offered a hearty, hot breakfast with plenty of fresh brewed coffee (or tea).  A fresh fruit platter, fruit juices, a selection of cold cereals – and, of course, the staple of the north – Red River cereal is always available on our self-serve buffet table.




Minor Bay dining - appetizers in the lounge




The evening meal normally starts in the guest lounge where our Red Seal chef offers guests a different selection of tasty, innovative hors d’oeuvres to enjoy with a pre-dinner cocktail, aperitif or glass of wine.







Dinner is always a lively time at the lodge as guests carry-on with the camaraderie from the lounge into the dining room. The evening meal always starts with either a home-made soup or salad, moves on to the main course such as fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs or slow-cooked prime rib roast, followed by a “to-die-for” dessert made from scratch. There are always plenty of fresh-baked breads or rolls accompanying dinner.

Our chef uses only top-quality, fresh products in preparing the soups, salads, main courses and desserts.  All our meals are “made from scratch”. You won’t find any packaged cake mixes or canned gravy in the kitchen at Minor Bay.


Minor Bay Lodge Dining - dessert to die forWith our small guest capacity there is no problem accommodating guests’ special dietary requirements.


Food is an essential ingredient in your fishing adventure at Minor Bay Lodge.  Our chef, with his preparation of culinary delights; and staff who provide friendly, efficient service, do their utmost to ensure that our guests’ dining experience at Minor Bay Lodge enhances their fishing vacation.