Minor Bay Lodge’s June 23 – July 1 Trips

by Randy Duvell July 1, 2017

Minor Bay Lodge’s June 23 – July 1 trips were fairly quiet at the lodge.  Our Wollaston Lake weather improved during the last three days of our June 23 – 27 trip, but then reverted back to the same cool and cloudy weather pattern we have been experiencing since we arrived at the lodge at the beginning of June.


Although we we only hosted a few guests during these two trips, the guests who were in camp experienced some excellent fishing – catching both large numbers of good-sized pike as well as some true “Monster Pike”.


Andy and Alex were battling for top pike honours during their June 23 – 27 trip.  Andy set the bar high by catching and releasing a hefty 48-inch northern using his spinning tackle.  Alex, a dyed-in-the-wool fly angler, answered Andy’s challenge by boating a huge 49-1/2″ monster pike that bit on his black bunny leech.


Trophy Pike on a Fly

49-1/2″ Trophy on a Fly

A fat 48″ Pike

Andy and Alex also caught and released a number of nice lakers on their fly rods.


Lake Trout on a Fly

Father and son Greg and Jon also caught and released some trophy pike during their Minor Bay Lodge fishing adventure with Jon edging out his dad by 1 inch – catching and releasing a nice 43-inch pike.

A nice 43-incher









Our June 27 – July 1 trip was very laid-back at the lodge with Tom Sr. and Tom Jr. having the lodge to themselves.  They appreciated the cool weather during their trip, having come from 119 F temperatures in Phoenix.  While the weather was cool the fishing on Wollaston Lake was hot for father and son.  During their 4-day trip the pair of anglers recorded 14 trophy pike over 40 inches with top pike honours for the trip going to Tom Jr. who caught and released 46, 47 and 49-inch northern pike.

Tom Jr’s Fat 46-incher


Tom Jr’s 49-incher


Our top 10 pike during the June 23 – July 1 trips were: 1 x 49.5″; 1 x 49″; 1 x 48″; 2 x 47″; 1 x 46″; 1 x 45″; 1 x 44.5″, and; 2 x 44″.

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