A New Fishing Season Begins at Wollaston Lake’s Minor Bay Lodge

by Randy Duvell June 5, 2017

The start of a new fishing season at Minor Bay Lodge on Wollaston Lake is rapidly approaching.  Our first guests arrive at Minor Bay in one week.  the staff’s trip to the lodge started in Saskatoon, which is the jumping-off point for our guests travelling to Minor Bay.  However, unlike our guests who have a relatively brief 1-3/4 hour plane trip, we had a 14 hour road trip with stops in Prince Albert, (where we were joined by more staff), LaRonge for fuel for both the vehicles and ourselves, Brabant Lake – and finally Minor Bay Lodge.

High water at the dock

Might need a floating dock!

When we arrived at the lodge I was happy to find everything in good order and no sign of ice in Minor Bay.  One of the first things we do after arriving at the lodge is to head down to the water to check on ice conditions (if any) and to see how high, or low, the water is.  This year the water level at our dock was the highest it has been in years.

Launching another boat

We’ve had good weather for opening camp and the crew has accomplished quite a bit during our first three days at the lodge.  The water and sewer system is up-and-running, the shore staff have the guest cabins almost ready for occupancy and we have four boats in the water.

Some of our 18-foot Crestliner Canadians have developed cracks in their hulls from handling the sometimes rough water on Wollaston Lake.  Kenny and Wayne have been busy with the welder repairing the cracks and strengthening the hulls so that the boats are “better than new”.

The lodge

On his afternoon break yesterday our chef, Jason, caught and released a hefty 40 inch pike that he caught off the dock.  Today he caught a 38 incher and was being teased by some big walleye.  No long boat rides here!

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