The Lodge

Minor Bay LodgeMinor Bay’s main, American-Plan camp consists of a main guest lodge and seven fully-modern guest cabins plus a variety of service buildings.


Minor Bay Lodge is tied into Sask Power’s main power grid. This means reliable, quiet and abundant electricity.  No need to worry about overloading a circuit with that blow dryer!   A back-up generator provides power to the camp in the event of a power failure.





The log construction main lodge overlooks Wollaston Lake’s Minor Bay.   The lodge houses the guest dining room and lounge, as well as a screened verandah.  This is a favorite after-dinner retreat for guests, where you;ll find them enjoying a quiet drink or Cuban cigar while watching the sunset over Wollaston Lake.






Minor Bay Lodge dining room


The open-beamed dining room can comfortably accommodate up to thirty guests. The dining room has a bright, airy atmosphere.  Three walls of windows allow for a panoramic view of Wollaston Lake’s Minor Bay.

The guest lounge, adjacent to the dining room, is a gathering place for guests both before and after dinner.  A fully-stocked bar offers a variety of premium Canadian beers, liquors, liqueurs and wines ranging from good-value house wines to premier vintages.  The lounge features satellite television and high-speed wireless satellite internet.  A computer with a high-speed internet connection is tucked away in the corner of the lounge so guests can stay in contact with their families, friends and businesses.