With its seemingly endless wilderness, innumerable pristine lakes, and relatively unscathed ecosystems, it’s no surprise that many anglers consider fishing in Saskatchewan to be a very worthwhile endeavour. Whether it’s hunting trophy-sized pike or chasing the elusive Arctic grayling, Minor Bay Lodge on Wollaston Lake offers an unquestionably unique outdoor adventure. From the moment you arrive, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. Besides our remote location and access to some of the best fishing lakes in Saskatchewan, you’ll find that Minor Bay presents a multitude of fascinating attributes contributing to such an unforgettable vacation.

An Authentic Saskatchewan Fishing Adventure

Over the years, we’ve made several crucial upgrades to our facilities and equipment. The world-class quality of our local fisheries is paramount to our success and plays an integral role in making Minor Bay a desirable destination for anglers across North America. As stewards of the environment, we feel it is vital to reduce our impact by using clean, quiet, and renewable resources to our power supply. Guests will enjoy a genuine Saskatchewan fishing adventure made possible by picturesque vistas, fantastic fishing, and personalized guest service. If you’re feeling explorative, you can choose to fly out to several remote lakes only a short floatplane ride away. You’ll never look at fly-in fishing resorts the same again!

All-Inclusive Fishing Vacation Packages

Our intentionally restricted maximum capacity is one of the most notable aspects that sets us apart from the other Saskatchewan fishing lodges and guide services. By only allowing up to twenty guests at a time, we can ensure an informal angling experience in a relaxed setting. You can enjoy one-on-one teaching from our staff and guides, making for a memorable Sask fishing season. 

Fly-In Fishing Saskatchewan on Wollaston Lake

Our all-inclusive fishing package includes:

  • Well-appointed accommodations.
  • Custom-made fishing boats with padded swivel seats.
  • Castings decks and locators.
  • Delectable home-cooked meals made by our expert chef.

We’ll also provide round-trip transportation between Saskatoon and Points North Landing on a private aircraft and a ride to Minor Bay Lodge. And with modern guest cabins with baseboard heat, comfy beds, and three-piece bathrooms, you won’t exactly be “roughing it” at this Saskatchewan fishing resort.

Saskatchewan Fishing Lodges | Much More than a Remote Resort

A fisherman holds his northern pike vertically to showcase it's extraordinary length and girth.

Minor Bay Lodge offers just about everything you’ll need for an elite Saskatchewan fishing excursion. Still, before you book your trip, be sure to visit the Government of Saskatchewan website for more information on how to obtain your Saskatchewan fishing license. We promise to elevate your angling to the next level with an ideal location on one of the best northern pike fisheries in North America! For additional information about our fly-in fishing lodge, all-inclusive fishing packages, and Sask fishing guides, please visit us online or call 888-244-7453 today!

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