It’s understandable that bass fishing readily comes to mind when thinking about topwater lures. How many covers of Field and Stream have you seen with the iconic largemouth leaping out from the water’s surface with a floating Rapala embedded in its lip? Still, many novice and experienced anglers may not know that pike fishing with topwater lures is a thrill in its own right. After all, these apex predators are eager to please with their aggressive feeding habits and primal instincts. If you’re not familiar with the three primary topwater lures used for pike fishing, Minor Bay Lodge on Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, is here to help.

Prop Baits

Since they’re relatively easy to use, starting with prop baits for topwater pike fishing makes sense. If you can cast and reel, you can use prop baits! The metallic tail will spin with little effort as you retrieve your line, making it an intriguing target for nearby northern. If you do it correctly, the rear will create a “plopping” noise to attract your trophy further. A crucial thing to remember is to not reel the lure in too quickly, just fast enough so that the blades start spinning, but not much more. 

“Walk-the-Dog” Lures

Walk-the-dog lures, also known as cigars, are a little more complicated than prop baits but are highly effective for topwater pike fishing. You may want to consider using a baitcasting rod to achieve a nice long cast, but it’s not necessary. The primary technique employs a back and forth swimming movement by twitching your rod vertically, followed by an abrupt rising motion. This method will cause the lure to jerk to the side, mimicking a dying baitfish. After a brief moment, give your rod another light jolt in the opposite direction. Continue these steps until you’ve garnered the pike’s attention.

Buzz Baits

Buzzbaits are a unique pike fishing lure in that they only have one seemingly inverted hook, making it perfect for weedy situations. Like a prop bait, buzz baits have a spinning blade on them. However, they don’t float, so bringing them near the surface is up to you. Buzz baits are well-suited for shallow water, just outside weed beds and near underwater structures. You’ll want to use a moderate retrieve while adding intermittent twitches every so often.

Saskatchewan Fishing Season at the Ultimate Fishing Lodge

Wollaston Lake in Northern Saskatchewan is a premier pike fishing destination that will allow you to use various lures and techniques. You’ll have the opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime while spending time in the remote wilderness. And that’s just the beginning! You’ll also create timeless memories and learn various tricks along the way. To find out how you can experience one of Northern Saskatchewan’s best lodges this fishing season, reach out to us online or call 888-244-7453.

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