Back in the day, most fly fishing revolved around chasing trout on skinny streams with delicate rods and tiny flies. Fly gear has come a long way since then, and now anglers can target a wide range of species. Northern is well-known for its predatory prowess and ability to stalk its prey, making them an exciting target. So if you’re planning a trip to Minor Bay Lodge, you may want to fly fish for pike.

Pike Fly Fishing in Canada

With their jagged teeth, bone-crushing jaws, and penchant for just about any prey within their line of sight, it’s no wonder that northern are freshwater apex predators. These monstrous fish typically hunt along weed lines for everything from frogs to other pikes. Few people think to target them on the fly, yet it makes sense with such a varied appetite. When you come to our lodge in Saskatchewan, you’ll have a chance to experience the thrill.

What Rod to Use When Fly Fishing for Pike

It doesn’t take much research to realize pike and trout are very different. That means you probably won’t be able to use a standard fly fishing setup for smaller species. Instead, you’ll need a robust fast-action fly rod that allows you to make decent casts with much larger lures. Practical fly rods typically range from a seven to nine-weight. The larger the fish, the higher the weight. When it comes to finding a reel, make sure it can hold about 100 yards of line.

Finding the Right Line and Leader

You can have the best rod and reel, but it won’t make a difference without the correct line and leader combination. Thankfully, you can cast large flies with today’s line technology—we’re far beyond silk now. The three types of lines are sinking, floating, and intermediate. Floating lines are ideal for topwater techniques, sinking lines are for getting deep, and intermediate lines fall somewhere between. Intermediate lines still drop, but at a much slower rate.

All-Inclusive Canada Fishing Trips

If you’re looking for a unique fishing experience that doesn’t immediately come to many anglers’ minds, fly fishing for pike is worth considering. And if you want the ultimate Canadian fishing trip, look no further than Minor Bay Lodge. We’ve built quite the reputation as Saskatchewan’s premier fly-in pike fishing destination, not only because of the massive pike but also the first-class experience we deliver. Find out more by reaching out to us online or calling 888-244-7453.

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